View Full Version : Attn: Newbies... READ HERE FIRST!

12-12-2011, 08:59 PM
This site is about and geared towards the Buick Enclave and other similar models. To protect the integrity of the forum from spammers and harmful information that could be non Family orientated, we will not accept foreign links in your signatures or posts.

What does this mean?

-It means do not place a link in your sig unless you have reasonable permission from one of the Admins.Shaggy & dietz4ibanez


Links must be geared towards or enhancement of the Buick enclave or similar GM SUV.

Links must be approved by Admins and appropiate for all eyes of this forum

Links will only be allowed otherwise if you are a approved Vendor.

This can and will be a banable offense. This will be determined by the admin performing the banning. This could be Tempa or Perma so it's just generally better to send a quick pm first and wait for a response.

Not always will you be able to ask forgiveness so it is definitely beneficial to ask permission first.

Language and Content

We want this to be a wonderful place for those of all ages to participate. Keeping it clean and enjoyable here means no inappropriate photos or language.

Keep it clean and this will be a great place.

Remember if you poop in the pool everyone get's out... But if you are clean there is fun for everyone! :D